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Netherlandish Proverbs, 1559
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
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Cloud services are now a mainstay in enterprise environments, but too often haphazard lift-and-shifts of existing systems are the extent of a 'successful' cloud migration. I help teams take meaningful advantage of the serverless, cost-effective, scalable and fault-tolerant services offered in the cloud.

When enterprise applications are well architectured for the cloud, the burden of operating these services are greatly reduced. Your local IT teams can spend less time patching, monitoring and upgrading the systems they manage and more time working with the business.
While many enterprises now have teams full of data scientists and analysts, critical reporting workloads, business logic and data pipelines are often constrained to the local machines they use. I work with your data-science teams to develop and deploy automatic, reliable, traceable and cost-effective data pipelines to the cloud.

This approach ensures consistency across your reports and relieves your data scientists from the repetitive, time consuming work involved in preparing analytics. Then, using modern visualisation tools, we can use that data to build to-the-point visualisations that keep your organisation fed with data.
If your call or interaction centre struggles with abandon rates, transfers, first-call fixes or clunky call-centre software, I can support your team in trialing or migrating to a modern, cloud-based alternative. Take advantage of advanced call-routing features, high availability, flexible call flows and pay-as-you-go pricing with no contracts.

When an organisation is equiped with a modern call-centre platform, the call data required for meaningful analytics is also made available to your team leaders and managers. Teams no longer have to rely on inflexible, canned reports that offer little value.
Front-end, back-end or both-ends. Whether your team is taking on a rebranding exercise, building a bespoke, responsive web application with a scalable, API-based backend or a venture in-between, I can support your project team.

Creating interactive, user-friendly web experiences has never been more in reach for any scale of organisation. Complex Excel and SharePoint-based processes can be transformed into easy-to-use websites that can be securely accessed from anyway on any device.
Are you looking to improve or develop a response to a server, telephony, internet or system outage? A robust business continuity plan that allows your business operate despite one or more technical impacts can be invaluable — especially for customer-focused organisations.

I can help your team develop a continuity plan, audit existing systems, develop highly-available solutions, perform integration testing and transition solutions into production.
The Blind Leading the Blind, 1568
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
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Personal and commerical project examples spanning various areas of IT and IS. For external examples, see the site menu.
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The Hay Harvest, 1565
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
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Let's help your team work with open-source, industry-standard software that's fit for purpose and can be readily adapted as your business requirements change. Avoid the vendor lock in and expensive multi-year contracts that come with inflexible proprietary solutions.

I'm Auckland based, and available on-site to work with you or your team. I take a hands-on role in enterprise IS rollouts and projects — from inception through to final delivery. I help teams deliver projects that are fit for purpose and deliver meaningful value to your business users. If your team could use the extra capacity, get in touch below.
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Pieter Bruegel the Elder
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To discuss project support for your team, ask a question or anything in-between, get in touch. Let's discuss your requirements.